Our Brand Intention

Good clothing don’t have to be expensive and in The WonderLand, not only we focus on the product but also on the affordable price tag. Our intention is to create a “slow fashion” brand that reduce waste and promote “buy less so buy only the key pieces”.

We want our customers to have an eclectic yet seasonless and very much timeless clothing that embrace cross generation that can be passed from mothers to daughters, aunties to nieces and grandmas to grandchildren…

The Wonderland Team

A husband and wife team, the creative directors – Eric Chan and Mei Ng – embrace the yin and yang sophistication that embrace the creative design mind of a man and the finishing details of the emotions of a woman. Both the husband and wife is supported by a dedicated and experience team of pattern cutters and seamstresses.

“It is very much what a man would like his girlfriend or wife to wear but with all the finishing points from the perspectives of a woman!” states Eric.

The Wonderland Aesthetics

Drawing inspiration from elements of nature, culture, art and history of everyday life and colours itself, each garment by The Wonderland is a statement of effortless chic on its own terms. Passionately crafted by a small team and beautifully designed by our Creative Directors, placing emphasis on the qualities in the cut and details / finishing with affordable pricing in mind for the modern women who appreciates good clothing.

Self Manufacturing and Sustainability

We fully self-manufacture our clothes in-house in our own studio. We have a small team of women, from age 22 to over 60; with no less than average 20 years of experience. All of them are paid fair salaries and work under ethical conditions. Not only that, we have a head of the team leading the sub-teams to perform multi-stage quality check.

On top of that, we limit our inventory to no more than 50 cuts per design in order to minimize material waste from our manufacturing. We work to contribute to sustainability for our planet by re-use the access fabrics into creative pieces.